José R. Blázquez

"If you get your facts wrong, your map will be wrong. If you get the map wrong, you're likely to do the wrong thing." - Peter Schwartz

30 diciembre, 2008

Indo-spanish Business Meeting in Delhi

The meeting took place in Delhi on 11th and 12th and was sponsored by the spanish and indian industry ministers, with more than 40 spanish companies and more then 100 indian companies. In the picture, Mr. Miguel Sebastián and Mr. Kamal Nath.

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18 mayo, 2008

The Prince of Spain in Poland

Two days for bilateral meets, one more opportunity to find the way of business and understanding between two different ways of doing things. As Felipe de Borbón - Prince of Spain - said, each country has its own way to do things, and the development of the polish country will be as unique as the spanish one was, not many years ago. Poland is closer now.

06 noviembre, 2007

Spanish-polish meet in Warsaw (Poland)

More than 30 spanish companies had visited Warzawa in order to do new business or find new contacts for their plans in Poland. Organized by the Spanish Institute for External Trade (ICEX), these meets contribute to improve relationships between two partner countries in the European Union.

30 marzo, 2007

Spanish wine in Delhi (India)

Three important cellars in Castilla y León joined the first Showroom Delhi
on 23-25 March, co-organized by APECAL, and did a hard work in order to introduce their wines in the very complicated indian market. A lovely wine testing and a tasty dinner closed the event.

Mr. Jamil with Mr. José Blázquez (APECAL)

IFE07: Food and drinks in London

This IFE07 took place at EXCEL, London, and we could see a few spanish enterprises fighting among many french, italian, hungarian, japanese and all-world competitors. Good luck.
José Blázquez with Marina Molina (Pascual)

Spain in Frankfurt am Main

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Germany, based in Frankfurt, has new general secretary, Mr. Bernardo López-Beltrán. The Chamber has more than 400 spanish and german enterprises, and last year was its 75th birthday.
José Antonio Rodriguez (IFEMA) and José R. Blázquez (APECAL)

24 enero, 2007

Third trip to Japan

New spanish-japanese meet, with the spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, a group of spanish enterprises and a large group of japanese friends. Do you want to feel Tokyo as we did...?

Mr. Salazar (SOS), Mr. Horinouchi (JETRO) and Mr. Mizuyoshi with Mr. Blázquez (APECAL)

30 octubre, 2006

Second European Meet in London (U.K.)

Apecal organised the II European Meet in London, (U.K.) to discuss about new local policies.

Liverpool Street Station

13 octubre, 2006

Visiting the Nerhu Centre in London (U.K.)

New trip of Mr. José Blázquez to London, that included a visit to the Nerhu Centre and an appointment with its director.

The Nerhu Centre hall

Spanish Wine Tasting in Frankfurt (Germany)

A tasting of spanish wines took place in Frankfurt am Main, organized by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Germany.

The European Central Bank

Spanish-Japanese Meet in Tokyo (Japan)

New trip to Japan to enter the spanish-japanese meet, and find out more things about Tokyo.

With the spanish ambassador

Visiting BUDMA, the International Construction Fair in Poznan (Poland)

Just in the coldest winter since decades, José Blázquez flew to Poland and visited BUDMA, the International Construction Fair in Poznan.

Ms. Monica Pecio and Mr. Blázquez

First visit to Japan

An opportunity to visit the spanish embassy and met the economic counsellor to explain new projects.

Mr. Blázquez, Ms. Uchida and Mr. Mizuyoshi.

Parthenariat UE-Thailand

The European Union and the government of Thailand organised in November a very special meet called Parthenariat UE-Thailand/05. It took place in Bangkok, with more than 400 native companies and more than 250 european companies from environmental areas to mechanical or engineering. Kindness and well-done work, their identity card.

With the spanish ambassador

First European Meet in Frankfurt (Germany)

Apecal organised the I European Meet in Frankfurt am Main, (Germany) to discuss about inmigration, PPF (public and private finance) and the spanish Social Security System. Members of the S.P.D, C.D.U. and P.S.O.E. were invited.

Some participants in the event.